The Rockport Files

Rockport, Massachusetts is one of my most favourite places to visit. An extremely friendly, welcoming and almost sleepy little community on the East coast of the USA. Full of authentic charm, quaint shops and beautiful views.

Here’s a few photos that, I hope capture a little of it’s character


IMG_3077IMG_3081IMG_3080IMG_3049IMG_3047IMG_3035IMG_3078 - CopyIMG_3085 - CopyIMG_3073IMG_3053

Author: twizzlessister

My interests are nature photography, gardening, music, upcycling and writing. I think I drive my hubster mad with my sudden thoughts of "I have a project in mind"! I seem to have a need to change or "improve" things.......and I love coffee! My Christian faith is very important to me and time in the great outdoors draws me close to God. Some of my favourite times are spent at the local zoo snapping not only animals, but trees, flowers, landscapes etc. Much of my writing is centered around my faith.

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