This Is Me

I’ve always thought of my life as pretty ordinary and totally unremarkable, and for the most part it is. I guess many of you feel the same about your own life. However, and this may sound very corny, after watching the movie ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, I don’t know how many times, I’ve come to realise that my life, and yours, is far from ordinary. Our lives touch so many! So here’s a little look at ‘unremarkable‘ me.

I’m 66 years of age, married to my long-suffering, patient, loving, generous husband for 40+ years. I have two children, now adults, and four beautiful grandchildren. My family mean the world to me….and more!

When I was nineteen years of age, at a time when I didn’t really know which way life would take me, I was literally rescued from taking the wrong path! I was introduced to Jesus and asked Him to change my life, which He did most amazingly! He is EVERYTHING to me, I can’t imagine, and don’t even want to try and imagine, what life would be without Him. Had I gone where I was headed at nineteen I dread to know who I would be now.

I am a self-confessed introvert; no, I wouldn’t say shy, I just prefer a quieter life than some. I enjoy anything creative and flit from one activity to another. I keep telling myself I’ll settle on one….but it never happens.

I enjoy the outdoors very much, nature, gardening, a bit of walking when I can, and writing. I love being home, which is helpful as I’m now retired, and I’m enjoying it immensely! Despite being a ‘home girl’ I love to travel; so far Maine, New England is my favourite destination.

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